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We are a grassroots group of parents who believe that all of us are responsible for our neighborhood schools. 

Supporting public schools.

We believe that by supporting educators, families and our existing schools in Brooklyn's District 16, we can have innovative and equitable public schools down the block.

Increasing enrollment.

We encourage parents to consider neighborhood schools first. We facilitate that engagement through tours and volunteer opportunities. 

Access to enrichment.

We advocate for more enrichment, stronger afterschool programs, and more robust teacher support and training. BSPC supports the expansion of educational options for parents in District 16 public schools and favors learning environments that support curiosity, joy and intrinsic motivation. We believe every District 16 student should have access to art, music and physical education instruction.


About Us

The Bed Stuy Parents Committee (BSPC) is a 100% volunteer run 501c3 nonprofit organization that began as a self-organized grassroots group of parents of mostly pre-school aged children. We encourage and support families in the community to participate in the responsibility of our local district public schools. We raise awareness about our schools, fundraise to support school programming and parent engagement, and deepen community participation.


BSPC banner wallpaper.png